Bracelets and Pendants

Handmade Bracelets and Pendants 

  • All jewelry  pieces are Handmade.
  • Many jewelry pieces are made entirely by "scratch".  Scratch meaning starting with a piece of Precious metal wire and changing it into a link, clasp, pendant or other.
  • To purchase, please message me.  I'm not actively selling or making jewelry.  Use the Contact Form on the Homepage.
  • The total price is what is listed plus tax, PayPal or Square costs, and shipping.
  • I do not sell outside of the continental USA.

Black Tourmaline bracelet


Inspiration was to see Gold links lovingly embracing the rich, deep Black Tourmaline stones.
The richness of the gold next to the Black color is classic and elegant.

  • This bracelet is 8  1/2 inches long.
  • There are three strands to this bracelet that are connected by handmade 14 kt Gold-filled end bars.
  • First strand;  Has 4 mm, round Black Tourmaline stones (natural) connected together with handmade, wire-wrapped 14 kt Gold-filled links.
  • Second strand;  Is a 14 kt Gold-filled 3mm chain of long/short links.
  • Third strand;  Has 6.5 mm puff, oval Black Tourmaline stones (natural) connected by handmade 14 kt Gold-filled wire-wrapped links.
  • Clasp is a 14 kt Gold-filled Lobster clasp.
  • This bracelet comes with a gift box.
Price $155.53+ tax for SD residents

Labradorite bracelet

Inspired by the beauty of the iridescence of the stones flowing with the feminine Sterling silver.

  • This bracelet is 7.5 inches long.
  • This bracelet is a little over 1/2 inch wide.
  • The chain used is a Sterling silver, Figure-eight chain.
  • The saucer beads are Sterling silver.
  • The Floral cup bead holders are Sterling silver.
  • Stone links are Sterling silver.
  • Handmade toggle clasp is Sterling silver.
  • Labradorite stones are 5-6 mm, round, natural stones.
  • This bracelet comes with a gift box, storage bad, and an Anti-tarnish strip.
Price $ 86.00

Rose Quartz bracelet

My inspiration was from a dream.
It is said Rose Quartz is known for gentleness and love.  Helping to release stress and bring in love for yourself and others.

What better way to say, "I love You" to someone you care about.

  • This bracelet is 8  1/4 inches long.
  • Rose quartz stones are natural.  Various shapes used.  5 mm round/flat and faceted.  There are also 12 x 6 mm hand-cut flat, rectangle shape.
  • All metal is Sterling silver.
  • This is an entirely handmade bracelet.
  • Handmade toggle style clasp.
  • Bracelet comes with a gift box, storage bag, and an Anti-tarnish strip.
Price $115.65 + tax for SD resident

Flirty and Fun Ankle Bracelet

Price $66.00-75.00.  Depends on the size.


To order, please go to Homepage and message me.

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