Custom earrings.


  • Selling to the continental USA only.
  • All items are handmade using solid Sterling silver metal, 14 Kt Gold-filled, 14 Kt Gold.
  •  All items  have natural to semi-natural stones/pearls.
  • All earrings here have handmade ear wires.
  • All products are handmade & designed by Cynthia Bergsbaken.
  • To purchase an item, please go to the Homepage and use the Contact form and message Cynthia.
  • Payment is due before the product is mailed out.
          Thank you.

Swirl earrings with Choice of Stones

Peridot stones & Sterling silver.

Swirl earrings  
  • You  choose what stone you would like. 
  • These earrings are made to order (custom). 
  • So please allow extra time to create these and to ship these as stated in Shop policies.

  • Stones:  Peridot, Jet,  Chrysocolla, Garnet,  Amethyst (sold out), or Sodalite. 
  • Choose the stone at checkout.


Amethyst (sold out)




Simple elegance.  Let the stone speak it's beauty with the metal emphasizing it in a flowing swirl design.

  • Simple earrings are 3/4 inch long, measuring from the top of the ear wire.
  • Ear wires are handmade of Sterling silver.
  • The Peridot stones are 4-5 mm round, flat stones.  All other stones are 4 mm round.
  • These Peridot stones are "natural", meaning no dyes or additives added.
  • These earrings come with a gift box.
  • These earrings come also with a bag with an anti-tarnish strip.
  • Cynthia has made these earrings to take the place of studs.
  • Sterling silver Swirl earrings  
  • 14 kt Gold-filled Swirl earrings  
  • 14 kt Gold Swirl earrings
Prices range, depending on the stone and metal.
$57.20-$100.00 + tax

  Gemstone Dangle earring

  • Choose a stone:  Carnelian, Chrysocolla, Garnet, Amethyst, Jade, Sodalite, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Amber, or Jet.
  • Choose your metal:  14 kt Gold-filled , 14 kt Gold or solid Sterling silver.
  • Choose stone at checkout.  
  • Note these are Made to order (custom), so extra time will be needed  to create these  and to ship them as stated in Shop policies.

Metal selection: 14 kt Gold-filled  or solid Sterling silver.

14 kt Gold-Filled 

Size comparison to USA Dime.

Stone Selection: 

Malachite (natural)

Chrysocolla (natural)

Sodalite (natural)


Jet (natural)

Amethyst (natural) sold out

Dark Amber (natural)


Lapis Lazuli

Jade (natural)

Gemstone Dangle earring

Inspired by simplicity and easy wear.  These gemstone/stone earrings are beautiful to look at with 
their movement and color, while walking or dancing. 
 Many stunning authentic gemstones or stones to choose from.  But why choose?  Try several different colors/gems to match your different outfits.

  • These earrings are 1.0 inch long, measuring from the top of the ear wire.
  • The ear wires are handmade of 14 kt Gold-filled, Sterling Silver or 14 kt Gold, your choice.
  • The stone has been wire wrapped with 14 kt Gold-filled as seen in the photo.  Otherwise it would be Sterling Silver or 14 kt Gold.
  • Note:  The picture of the earrings represents the earrings you would receive.  The earrings you receive may not be exact due to being handmade.
  • In the photo, it shows a Dark Amber stone.

*  Choose your  4 mm round stone: 

     Stones to pick from: 

  •           Amber (dark gold)
  •           Chrysocolla  (green/blue, brown stone)
  •           Garnet (wine)
  •           Amethyst (purple)-sold out
  •           Carnelian (orange)
  •           Nephrite Jade (olive green)
  •           Malachite (Kelly green)
  •           Sodalite (denim blue with white splotches)
  •           Lapis Lazuli (rich blue with gold & white specks.)
  •           Jet (black with a grayish hue)

Metal to pick from:

  • 14 kt Gold-filled and Sterling silver 
  • 14 kt Gold  
  • Sterling silver  
Prices for Gemstone Dangle earrings will vary depending on the stone and metal chosen.
Price $57.40-100.48 + tax

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Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a legal Entity under law,  2015.
April 11, 2020
Plagiarism is a crime. 


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