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Traveling Made Easier

  Traveling Made Easier   Tis the season when people who live in the north want to escape the cold and cloudiness for the beautiful warm and sunny days in the south. In the past, I've had many stressful trips due to not being prepared.  Not knowing what to pack, not knowing where to park at the airport, not knowing the amount of money I need for parking and the trip, being around so many people in the airport, being packed so close to so many people on the airplane, and not knowing what to do with myself while flying a long flight. .   Traveling tips for packing: Traveling can be stressful.    I know I learned the hard way years ago.  I was forced to throw away a brand new, large tube of toothpaste before entering the airplane.  It pays to learn and understand the regulations of transport and other countries. While waiting in airline lines, I've witnessed people unpacking their suitcases  to either put on multi-layers of clothes or throw away their clothes due to too much weigh

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