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My Love Song

  "My Love Song" is actually an ode to my Creator/Our Higher Self I wrote to share the beauty and unconditional love that is inside all of us. Years ago, I experienced the most profound unconditional love while spiritually opening up and during a meditation. . I see many others writing in this world of the horrible experiences in this world. It is wise to see this. But I want to bring awareness, our focus of the beauty and unconditional Love that is found inside of everyone. The beauty and unconditional love that surrounds all of us, right here on Earth. It doesn't matter whether you are poor/rich, thin/obese, straight/homosexual, what culture you're from, whether you're in jail or a free citizen, what color your skin is, if your are religious or not, what religion, what you do for a living, or your age. You still have a Divine mom/Divine dad in you. Take time with yourself, go within yourself (meditation, walking quietly, etc.) and seek out this source of unc

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