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 In the past, I've made a face oil for myself and a friend who had ongoing Acne off and on. The acne prone skin would break out in clogged pores on the forehead.  Thus, skin eruptions would occur.  I made a Natural Coconut oil and Lavender oil face lotion for this young adult.  Since this adult has been using this face oil, I was told that the clogged pores have  stopped, while using this face oil.  This person said it took about 2-3 months to see all the benefits of this face oil. Using a Water-based face lotion was not helpful in moisturizing in the winters.  If skin is not properly moisturized, the skin (including your scalp) will produce excessive body oils.  Thus, the excess oil will try to moisturize the skin.  Problem is the excess oil combines with dust/dirt/pollutants in air causing clogged pores.  Besides that, the person's skin would be oily all the time. (hair too.)   But the Natural Coconut oil along with Lavender essential oils has been highly beneficial in mois

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