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These pages and blog posts are set up to showcase and provide information about Cynthia Bergsbaken's Art.

Cynthia enjoys sharing her art pieces which includes, her baked goods, nature photography, writing, graphics, music videos, and handmade jewelry.

Her interests are music, art, nature, & alternative healing/health.

Today, Cynthia shares some of her writing in the Reiki in the Prairie LLC's blog and Cynthia Bergsbaken's Art blog.

Cynthia recently released her first eBook called Memoirs of a Spiritual Healer, an Inspirational Self-Help Book1.  This eBook is on Google Play books and Amazon for $2.99.

Cynthia sells her handmade precious metal and stone jewelry on this webpage.



Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry

Cynthia started creating handmade jewelry in 2014 at her dining room table.  She was looking for healthy metals, jewelry styles that called out to her, and unique/beautiful jewelry.  She also was looking for authentic, beautiful, natural stones in jewelry.  

Thus, Cynthia started A W Jewelry, creating unique, one of a kind precious metal and natural stone jewelry.  Over the years, Cynthia has changed not only the name of the hobby business, but also her style in making jewelry.  Originally, A W Jewelry sold only beaded jewelry of natural stones.

Now Cynthia uses precious metal work and beading (wire wrapping and other metal work with Sterling silver, 14 Kt Gold, 14 Kt Gold-filled, and Fine Silver.)  along with natural stones, creating one of a kind, beautiful works of art.  Many of the necklaces and bracelets will never be reproduced by Cynthia.  She enjoys creating new items.


Wire wrapping is an ancient form of making jewelry.  Wire wrapping uses many layers of precious metal, thus using a lot of precious metal in one piece of jewelry.

Cynthia’s style is a mixture of nature/ancient/classical/ and spiritual.  As of today, Cynthia named her hobby business after herself Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry.


2020 logo

     Located on this webpage.  
(Closed Etsy shop on November 2, 2020).

Cynthia  also  exhibited some jewelry pieces at the

Arts Night at the Pub put on by Northern Prairie Arts.  

Date;  Feb. 13, 2020.

Cynthia Bergsbaken photography

Cynthia also loves nature photography.

 Nature has been a place that she calls a "healing balm for the weary."

 "Nature has so much to offer, whether it's the beauty, the sounds, the fragrances, or the sites.   Most people don't slow down enough to simply enjoy what is in front of them."

 Here motto here is, "Taking the simple and changing it to extraordinary in photos!"


 Cynthia's goal is to take photos in hope of obtaining an emotional reaction from people. 

  When she can do this, she knows the photo caught the heart of someone. 

When Cynthia first started taking photos, she used an iPhone 5.  

Her audience, other than family, were the public on Google-Plus.  

This site was known as, "Cynthia Bergsbaken Nature Photography."

Cynthia has traveled to other states within the USA and other countries.  She has the desire to share the beauty of nature she sees through the eyes of her camera.

Thus, she created Cynthia Bergsbaken Photography.

South Africa Elephant family.

South Dakota White Tail deer buck.

Cynthia has showcased her photography in local exhibits.

For more information on these exhibits, go to 

Social media

Webpage to read more about Cynthia Bergsbaken photography

To see what photography Cynthia has for sale at this time, please go to 

Sulphur Butterfly

Thanks for being here.  


***All original content is copyrighted by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Perceptive Blogger & Reiki in the Prairie LLC.
Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a legal Entity under law,  2015.
April 11, 2020
Plagiarism is a crime. 


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