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"Harness and use one of nature's secrets- natural stone and gemstones for healing and empowering yourself."

14 Kt-Gold-filled Infinity & Citron stone necklace.

A gorgeous, handmade 14 Kt Gold-filled necklace with clear Citron stones delicately embraces an Infinity sign and chain.

This necklace will showcase the dainty indention of a ladies neck, bringing attention to this feminine area.

The handmade 14 Kt Gold-filled infinity sign represents life and love everlasting.

The handmade 14 Kt Gold-filled adjustable clasp has a dangling Citron stone bringing attention to the sensual neckline of the lady who wears this.

This was a custom order I finished for a special graduate. ๐ŸŽ“๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพ

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14 Kt Gold Cross necklace with Black Tourmaline.

Handmade 14 Kt Gold-filled necklace with handmade 14 Kt Gold-filled cross.

The cross is embraced with Black Tourmaline that had been sewn on with 14 Kt Gold-filled fine wire.

The fine chain is a Figure-eight 14 Kt Gold-filled chain with a handmade 14 Kt Gold-filled clasp.

2015, a crystal necklace with Sterling silver and cloth.

Sterling silver rings for a music concert outfit.

Sterling silver cross with gemstones. 

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