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S.Africa Dry River

"I love  nature photography."

Nature has been a place that Cynthia calls a "healing balm for the weary."

"Nature has so much to offer, whether it's the beauty, the sounds, the fragrances, or the sites.   Most people don't slow down enough to simply enjoy what is in front of them."

 Thus, Cynthia started taking photos with her Iphone 5 and sharing them on Google Plus.

Cynthia has traveled to other states within the USA and other countries.  She has the desire to share the beauty she sees through the eyes of her camera.

Cynthia likes to work with Macro photography and most other types of photography.  She enjoys taking photos of plants with bugs and writing information about the photo's object.  Although she is not limited to taking plant and bug photos.

Cynthia is self-taught with the aid of watching and learning from, "Fundamentals of Photography with Joel Sartore" (photographer for National Geographic) from "The Great Courses."  

Cynthia goes out and follows her gut instincts on what she wants to convey in the photo.
"All photos have merit."  

Cynthia's goal with her photography is to "bring out" the emotions in a person.  "I try to take a photo that will create some sort of positive emotion from the person viewing the photo."

Brown Eyes Dragon Fly

Cynthia  showcased her photos at a local Watertown, SD art exhibit, Arts at the Pub, on Feb. 13, 2020.  This event was put on by Northern Prairie Arts.

On November 1, 2020, Cynthia placed 1st in the South Dakota State University Native Plant contest.  There were 94 photos judged by four judges from across South Dakota.
Here is the her winning photo of a Purple Prairie Clover.
This winning photo  will be used in education/advertising for the SDSU Native Plant Initiative.


To see what photos she has for sale at this time, please go to

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April 11, 2020
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