The Theater


What to wear with my dress for the Theater?  

European Royalty necklace and earrings

I will be going to the Theater soon and so I bought myself my European Royalty necklace to wear with my dress.

Problem was the necklace was too long and I had no earrings.

And so, I solved the problem by taking off the extra links from the necklace.  

After putting the necklace back together, I made my pair of earrings out of the links I took off.

I needed to create new stone/Pearl links for the earring pearls and stone.  Because the links on them had both ends as loops.  Where as I needed to have some of the pearls and stones with a end loop on one side and a loop on the other.

After finishing up on the stone and pearl links, I put them down and I made ear wires.

I molded the ear wire out of 14 KT Gold-filled.  I re-shaped the ear wires, straightened them, hammered them, and I rounded the end wires.

Newly formed ear wires before reshaping.

Newly re-shaped earring wires.

I put the earrings together.

Wah-la!  All done.

I now have a beautifully fitting European Royalty necklace and earrings for my event.

Remember, most of the necklaces can be shortened to the length you would require.  Just ask.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken July 29, 2021

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April 11, 2020
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