The New Burger


The New Burger

The other day I was looking through some TikTok videos and I came upon this interesting idea for a burger. I do not remember whose TikTok it was to list it.

Why not fry your burger on a tortilla and eat it taco style?

And so for Superbowl Sunday, I made burger tacos for my family.

They turned out excellent!!!

The outer shell is semi-crispy and tender. The burger itself was a nice crispy, brown on the outside while being juicy in the inside. Perfect.

My family does not like fat buns. You know the type, you have all bun with a little bit of meat in the middle. These tortilla shells worked great, adding some texture with the semi-crispy shell.

Making the burgers

TikTok did not offer a recipe and so I created this one.

 I started off by purchasing ready-made beef hamburger patties. Each patty was a 1/4 pound, 85% lean beef hamburger (burger meat). 


85% Lean beef hamburger. Each patty is 1/4 pound.

My tortilla shells were fajita size, wheat flour tortillas. Many of the flour tortillas have been made with artificial trans fats. I look for a brand that does not. The brand I found in my store was Azteca flour tortillas.

Next, I took one burger patty and smashed it down on top of one tortilla. To make sure the meat covered the tortilla evenly, I took a stainless steel rolling pin  (a stainless steel water bottle works great) and rolled the meat out until it was just about the same size as the tortilla.

I had 10 tortillas and so I made each one and placed on a flat surface. Next, I seasoned each one with sea salt, pepper, and dried onions.


Beef burger on top of flour tortillas, ready to be fried.

Heat up a Cast Iron griddle on medium heat. (My stove, it is number 5.)

Before frying each burger, I poured about 2 teaspoons of Olive oil on hot griddle.

Place your first burger on griddle, making sure to place the meat side down first.


Meat side down first. Press down a bit on top of tortilla  to spread meat evenly.

I pressed the tortilla side down evenly with a large pancake turner.

Cook burger for a few minutes or until the burger side looks crispy brown.

Turn the burger over and continue to fry it on the tortilla side. At this point, I added about 1 teaspoon more of Olive oil to the pan. I lifted the tortilla up to allow the oil to spread underneath it.

Turn tortilla-burger over to continue cooking tortilla in Olive oil. Notice the crispy brown on the burger.

I was looking for a crispy tortilla.

I then added some shredded, 2% Mexican cheese on top. 


Added 2% Mexican shredded cheese.

I covered the burger so the cheese would be able to melt quicker. 


Covered cheese-burger to melt cheese.

Do not allow the burger on the tortilla side to cook too long. Otherwise, the tortilla will burn. Only allow it to brown.

As soon as you take the burger-tortilla off, place it on a plate and bend the burger into a taco shape. I used my pancake turner to hold the burger-tortilla in the taco shape. 


Used my pancake turner to hold the burger in the taco shape while it cooled a little bit.

As the burger cooled a bit, the burger-tortilla held the taco shape.

Really a wonderful burger. The thin burger with it's crispy brown on the outside and juiciness in the inside reminds me of a "Smash burger."

Next time, I will try using the raw flour tortillas instead of the ready-made tortillas. I ready-made ones worked great. But I'm curious how they would be with using the raw flour tortillas.



Enjoy your burgers!

By Cynthia Bergsbaken

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April 11, 2020

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