History and Process of Creating Fine Handmade Jewelry by Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry (2022 Cyn Jewelry)

Blue Labradorite beaded necklace with 14 Kt Gold-filled metals.  

Cynthia started creating handmade jewelry in 2014 at her dining room table. 

 She was looking for healthy metals, jewelry styles that called out to her, and  unique/beautiful jewelry.  She also was looking for authentic, beautiful, natural stones in jewelry. 

Thus, Cynthia started A W Jewelry, creating unique, one of a kind precious metal and natural stone jewelry. 
 the years, Cynthia has changed not only the name of the hobby business, but also her style in making jewelry.  Originally, A W Jewelry sold only beaded jewelry of natural stones.

Now, Cynthia uses precious metal work (wire wrapping and other metal work)  along with natural stones, creating one of a kind, beautiful works of art.  
Cynthia changed this hobby's name to-Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry
Https://www.Etsy.com/shop/CynBergsbakenJewelry later closed this November 2, 2020.

Later, Cynthia found out her name was too long for people to remember. And so, she shortened it in 2022 to Cyn Jewelry . Today 2023, Cyn Jewelry is sold in South Dakota at vending fairs, in the Watertown, SD mall, and online through this webpage.

     Cynthia uses natural, real stones/gemstones in each piece of jewelry.  She believes in the positive energy each stone gives off.  This positive energy helps a person to stay positive and healthy.

January 18, 2020/ Handmade Sterling Silver chain.

Solid Sterling Silver handmade chain.  I create many of the chains I use by "scratch".  This particular chain shown promotes:  femininity, strength, and beauty.

I use precious metals in all the jewelry I design and create.  

In 2014, before I started to create my own jewelry, I was finding metal jewelry in Department stores, drug stores, and even jewelry stores that I didn't know what it was made from or it was made with toxic metals. (Heavy metals.  Heavy metals get in to our bodies and are not able to released.  They are stored in our bodies, creating  problems for our nervous systems.)

The chain above  is seen in these necklaces listed below:
This chain is made by measuring a single piece of precious metal.  

File wire ends.

I file each end to a smooth finish. 

Forming loops in wire.

 I use my tools to create a loop in the wire. 

Attaching links in a handmade chain.

Then I will bend it to the proper shape and attach each link.  In this case, I used jump rings that I had bought.  Other times, when creating a wire-wrapped chain, I will either use jump rings or I will attach the links to each other.

The Reese necklace with handmade chain.

The Reese necklace  

The Reese necklace also incorporates a new technique I was trying out.  Weaving with precious metal wire. Notice on the heart, I have layers of Sterling silver wire on it.  This is weaving.  I also used a "sewing" technique to place the Garnets on the heart.
Sterling Silver weaving on the Reese necklace.

Creating the heart pendant for the Reese necklace

Blue Kyanite pendant with Sterling Silver weaving.

Blue Kyanite pendant necklace
The Blue Kyanite pendant necklace also has the "Weaving" technique used in it.


The Black and White Show for Arts Night.

Yin and Yang necklace was entered for the Black and White Art Show. This necklace was on display for about 3 months in the Watertown, SD public library. Notice the handmade Sterling Silver chain.

The Native American-Style necklace.

I designed the Native American Style necklace to resemble what I feel is "Native American" art.  I designed and created this necklace from "scratch".  

I grew up  and was influenced by the Ojibwa & the Dakota Indian tribe culture.  I enjoyed wearing Native American jewelry, leather, and eating Wild Rice.   Now I am around and influenced by the Lakota (Dakota) Native Americans.

So, here is my rendition of what I feel is Native American. * Note, this is not Native American made. 
Also note the Elk Ivory was legally harvested.

Elk Ivory, harvest legally. Wire-wrapped in 14 kt Gold-filled wire.

Elk Ivory in the Native American culture symbolizes strength, endurance, and courage.
I cleaned the Elk Ivory and I made a wire-wrap of 14 kt Gold-filled around the top.  The whole necklace is made with 14 kt Gold-Filled.  

Notice the 14 kt Gold-filled separator.

My inspiration for the bead colors and design were from a book on  Native American basket designs. The stone beads were chosen due to their accuracy of what Native Americans would use and for their color and style.  Here I've used Tourmalined quartz elongated stone beads for the look I was looking for.  Although I don't think Native Americans would use this stone.  
I also used Coral, shell, and Black Obsidian.  All stones have been beaded on a Stainless steel beading wire.

Next, I chose not to bring all the stone beads behind the neck.  And so I made a chain.  And to help keep the layers of beads separate, I 
made three-strand separators.
14 kt Gold-filled, handmade three-Strand separator and handmade chain.

The clasp on the back side is also handmade.
14 kt Gold-filled, handmade clasp. Larger and stronger than many. Larger is easy to clasp.

 This necklace is 17.5 inches long.  This necklace took me about a month to finish, designing it and making each part.
This necklace incorporates the ancient technique of wire-wrapping, beading with stone, and other metal techniques.
Native American-Style necklace.

The African Violet pendant necklace.

The African Violet pendant necklace is an example of me "sewing" on stones to the handmade pendant.  I was inspired by my African Violet flowers.  
This particular African Violet is purple (Amethyst stones) with white edges (silver wire), a yellow center (Citrine stone), lighter violet petals (light Amethyst stones), and a green leaf (Green Tourmaline.)
The African Violet necklace is solid Sterling silver, chain, pendant, and clasp.  (Note the chain is not handmade.)

The pendant frame is handmade (free-form) using my own drawing to create this.  

Handmade frame for the
African Violet pendent.

Cultured Pearl and Aventurine necklace.

Backside of Cultured Pearl & Aventurine necklace.

I'm a believer in femininity, strength, health, and beauty.  I also am a believer in nothing should cover up the natural beauty of a woman.  With that in mind,  I create jewelry for women that places the focus on their beauty.  

When I create a piece of jewelry, I want the precious metal to embrace and showcase the natural stone's beauty.  
Thus it is the same with the whole piece of jewelry.  A piece of jewelry needs to be supportive and embracing the woman's beauty and not the other way around.

Off and on you'll see one of my necklaces with this little extra chain running down the back of the neckline.  This is to emphasize the woman's back of her neckline.  This area is very feminine, classy, and if you will, very sexy to show off.

Cultured Pearl & Aventurine necklace

Amethyst, Carnelian, Peridot necklace

Simple beading can also have some beautiful results. No extra precious metals added. Just the beautiful stones sharing their light.

In this  Amethyst, Carnelian,  & Peridot necklace, color and texture are used to showcase the natural, beautiful stones. The links in the front were created by a wire beading jig. This helps to provide links that are exact.

Moonstone, Amethyst & Lapis Lazuli necklace.

Ancient Egyptian-Style necklace

Off and on I like to create ancient cultural jewelry.  
The Native American-Style necklace above was inspired by Native American culture and designed from an old Native American basket.

The Ancient Egyptian-Style necklace to the right was inspired by the beauty of the ancient Egyptian, King Tutankhamun's jewelry, death mask, and coffin.

The richness of the gold next to the deeply colored natural stones is beyond words in beauty.

The stones, colors and the shapes of the stones are all correct in regards to King Tutankhamun's jewelry, death mask, and coffin.

Here I used  the ancient technique of wire-wrapping (which was used in ancient Egyptian jewelry) 14 kt Gold-filled wire with Carnelian stones, Lapis Lazuli stones, Obsidian stones, and Turquoise stones.  The elongated Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli stones adds the needed dimension that is seen in King Tutankhamun's jewelry, death mask, and coffin.

The pendant ,I designed and made by hand.  I did not find this design in the ancient Egyptian literature.  I used "sewing" of the Turquoise stone on the pendant.  

This necklace is 100% handmade and designed.  

I hope you enjoyed my explanations and thoughts on the jewelry I design and make.
I design and create the jewelry out of love for seeing what I can create.  
I enjoy working with precious metals.  
I love working with natural stones. 

 I believe in the ability of a natural, healthy stone to be able to help a person to stay positive while wearing it.  I see them as alternative healing.  

If you find yourself head over heals for a particular stone due to it's color or it's energy, I highly recommend you purchase it, whether in jewelry form or as a single stone.  We are attracted to what we most need to be at our best.

 I design and create all the jewelry in my USA home.  If you like it, I ask you to please leave a comment.

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New Logo look.

New name and logo
Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry

2023 Logo.

"Harness and use one of nature's secrets- natural stone and gemstones for healing and empowering yourself."

By Cynthia Bergsbaken

***All original content is copyrighted by Cynthia Bergsbaken, Perceptive Blogger & Reiki in the Prairie LLC.
Reiki in the Prairie LLC is a legal Entity under law,  2015.
April 11, 2020
Plagiarism is a crime. 



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