Amethyst crystals 

Stones/crystals have always fascinated me.  From the beautiful geodes, the pretty agates to the ancient fossils, I have found all are pretty amazing to look at.

Stone/crystals can be a fun collection to have.  But even more noteworthy is that stones/crystals can be healing to us.  Each stone/rock/crystal has it's own chemical makeup.  Its own unique, high vibration energy that can help transform us.  How can a rock transform us?  When we wear a stone/crystal, we bring its high vibration energy in to our own energy systems, our auric field.  By keeping the stone/crystal in your energy system throughout the day, it can bring your energy higher, using its own high energy to do this.  Generally, we associate different colors of the stones/crystals to each chakra.  

Chakras are a part of our energy system.  They are in our auric fields opening up to the outside of us.  They defined as spinning wheels of vortexes that connects our outer world to our inner worlds.  This is how we can read other people's emotions and energy.  This is how we energetically read our world around us.  Each chakra is associated with our beliefs, issues in life, our thoughts, and anything else that has to do with us as individuals.


There are seven main chakras lined up and down our spins and fronts.

The Root chakra is located at the base of your tail bone, between your legs.  This chakra is associated with the colors black and red.  The Root chakra has to do with our physical survival in this world. (food, water, love, shelter).  Fears of survival is the emotion that blocks this chakra.  I enjoy wearing Black Tourmaline and Red Garnets to help keep this area cleared.  Black Tourmaline acts like a energetic vacuum cleaner, absorbing negative energy.  These colors are also grounding.  Grounding is to feel that you're inhabiting your body and not floating above yourself. 

The Sacral chakra is in our abdomen, front to back.  This chakra is associated with orange.  It has to do with creativity, sexuality, money, and our relationships in the physical world.  This chakra is blocked by guilt.  If you keep feeling guilty about your actions, you may be clogging your sacral charka.  I enjoy using Carnelian to balance this chakra.  If you have issues with your female reproductive system, this stone may also help.

Citrine crystals

The Solar Plexus chakra is in our gut area of the body, front to back.  This chakra is associated with yellow/gold.  This chakra has to do with owning our own power in the physical world.  The Solar Plexus chakra can be clogged with shame you feel for yourself.  I enjoy using Citrine and Amber to help me keep this chakra cleared and to stand in my own power.  If you have a hard time standing up for yourself or holding your personal boundaries, try wearing one of these stones everyday.

Rose quartz stone

The Heart chakra is in our chests and consists of two sections.  The Higher Heart chakra and the Lower Heart chakra.  For this article, I will just talk about them as being one.  This chakra also is open in the front and back.  This chakra is associated with pinks and greens.  The Heart chakra has to do with love and loss.  Love of yourself and others.  The emotion of continuous  grief may block this chakra. I enjoy using Pink/Red and Green Tourmaline to keep my Heart chakra open.  When you are having hard times, try wearing these stones or other ones in the pink and/or green color to open to love.  Rose quartz is another excellent one.  Just be warned, some sensitive people have a hard time wearing Rose quartz due to it being such a strong feeling stone.

The Throat chakra is in the base of our throats, front to back.  This chakra is associated with the color of the sky-blue.  The Throat chakra has to do with "speaking/communicating your truths in life".  Denying your truths in life-lying to yourself, will block this chakra.  Turquoise and Blue Lace Agates are helpful for keeping yourself clear.

The Third Eye chakra is in the middle of our foreheads, just above the eyebrows, front to back.  This chakra is associated with purple/purple-blue, royal blue.  The Third Eye chakra has to do with insight in life.  Illusions will block this chakra.  Are you believing in the illusions in this world?  One such illusion is the belief that we are all separate in life.  The truth is, we all feel like we are separated individuals, but we are all joined together spiritually.  We all have Almighty God in us, being expressed with a different personality.  When we meet each other and give love to each other, we have this person forever in our hearts-energy.  As an empath, I'm off and on absorbing others' energy, their mannerisms.  I have absorbed some of the other person's energy.  Thus, their energy is apart of me.  This happens to all people, whether they are aware or not.  We share energy with each other.  We all are one with Almighty God.  To help keep this area cleared, I enjoy Lapis Lazuli.  Sodalite is also a nice stone for this area.

The Crown chakra is on the top of your head.  This chakra is associated with the color white/gold.  This is your connection to Almight God/ spiritual connection.  The issue that blocks this are earthly attachments.  For example, money.  I feel everyone values money.  But are you willing to just let it go when needed or will you try to take money with you when you pass over?  How about all those childhood toys you are keeping.  All these physical items you value.  How about a loved one-their personality?  Even being attached to anything that you feel represents you as a person-job-status-glamour, etc.  All these are parts of this physical world and not of your spiritual home you're from.  Just think of what we bring back home to meet our Heavenly, Holy God.  We only have our true, spiritual body-our true selves along with loving memories.  Everything else that we have or feel is apart of us is actually the physical world illusion.  I enjoy using Amethyst.  Amethyst is also used for the Third Eye.  
A little warning here in regards to Clear quartz.  Clear quartz is a stone that possesses all color.  It may be thought to use this stone for jewelry or having in your pocket all day.  From my own experience, Clear quartz should only be used in a healing layout and not in jewelry or carried around.  It tends to amplify energy.  Not only positive energy, but negative energy.  If you are in a situation where you have negative energy coming to you from others, the stone will pick this up and amplify it to you!  This makes you feel strong negative energy.  If you're not aware, you will act it out.

Amethyst crystals

Each chakra can be blocked by our own negative emotions we suppress in ourselves throughout life. When we let these negative emotions block our energy system, our energy flow is either diminished or completely blocked.  Like our Circulatory system, each system needs to be free of any constraints to keep us at our healthiest.  If we continue to have a blocked energy flow, we create what I like to call a "late summer pond affect" in our systems.  If anyone has been around an August-September pond, you know there is no flow of fresh water entering the pond and so the pond goes stagnant.  It turns green, slimy, and it really stinks.  The pond has gone diseased.  Any living creature that tries to drink the water will find it is toxic and will become sick and/or die.

When we have blocked our energy flow, our energy goes stagnant.  It becomes toxic.  This toxicity is seen in the Etheric layer of the aura.  The Etheric layer is about 2 inches from the physical body.  These two layers, the Physical body and the Etheric layer are nested next to each other.  If your Etheric layer has gone toxic (late summer pond affect) in one area, the associated area in the Physical body will also, gradually start to show signs of this toxicity.  When cells are in a toxic environment, they will eventually show it by dis-ease.

Our Auric field. (our energy system made of  layers of bodies).

Stones/crystals have been used to "heal" for thousands of years.  Each stone/crystal with its own properties, can assist us in dissolving blockages, bringing your emotions to the surface for you to acknowledge and release.  Releasing these emotions to God is a great way to "let them go".  Using stones/crystals for healing is called, "Color Healing" which is energy healing.

We are often attracted to stones/crystals that may hold energy that can help us acknowledge and heal our inner most negative beliefs and emotions. 

 .I enjoy the look of Amethyst.  I use it for relaxation throughout the day.  Helps me also  relax during meditation. 
 Amethyst is also helpful for anyone who is around a lot of people.  It helps to stop negative emotions from others, so you won't be affected by their negativity.  For those that have addiction problems, Amethyst may help you.  Addictions can be anything that you use or take to feel better/to cope-food, chocolate, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sweets, overeating, over exercising, etc.

God has given us so many beautiful stones and crystals to enjoy, whether it's for the pure bliss of looking at it or for the use of keeping oneself balanced energetically.
I enjoy creating jewelry with real stones and crystals.  When someone wants to heal while looking nice, try wearing your stones/crystal necklace, bracelet, earrings, or rings.  If you want to wear your stones for your Heart chakra, may I suggest you wear the stones in a necklace.  This way, the stones are close to your Heart chakra.  If you would like to help your 5-7 charkas, try wearing your stones in earrings.

The world of stones and crystals are used for assisting oneself to heal one's inner hurts, strengthening one's weaknesses, and to balance one's energy system.  The world of stones/crystals are beautiful, easy to acquire and simple to use.  I invite you to try wearing stones that you are attracted to.

When selecting a stone, the less processed the stone is, the better it's energy is.  In other words, the rawer the stone/crystal, the healthier the stone's energy is.  So, if you wanted to purchase a diamond to heal with, I would suggest you buy a raw, uncut stone instead of the Bridal diamonds we have in the jewelry stores. The more processed the stone/crystal is (cut, polished, colored, sealants, binders), the more damaged the stone /crystal's energy is.  The stone/crystal is  living energy.  The stone/crystal is like us when it comes to energy.  If we were to eat processed foods always, use toxic lotions, shampoos, and continually process our hair with colors and perms, we too become damaged energetically-unhealthy.  

No one can become healthy with unhealthy energy assisting them.  Being in an environment with toxic energy will evidently change the healthy energy to a dis-eased state.

So, I end this with this thought.  Stones/crystals are not just for looks.  They are also away to help yourself become a better "YOU".  Of course, to become a better you, takes a whole health regiment.  But using Stones and crystals is a good start.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of Reiki in the Prairie LLC
and Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry 
  August 5, 2019.

Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry 

  • "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian
  • "The Crystal Healer" by Philip Permntt
  • "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
  • "The Chakra Handbook" by Sharamon Baginski
  • My own experiences as a Reiki Master.

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