Teacher From Halloween T.V. Show

 I absolutely enjoy rocks, stones, boulders and crystals!  

When I started to make handmade jewelry as Ancient Wisdom Jewelry, I wanted to use only real stones/crystals.  Why?  Because I could feel the positive energy that came off of the rocks/crystals. 

 I created my jewelry to  enhance  the woman's look, while at the same time providing healing/positive support for her.  

You defiantly can't find that in glass, plastic, fake stones!

Years ago, I had created a necklace that looked like berries and leaves.  The berries were Amethyst, while the leaves were Clear Crystal quartz and Peridot stones.  Really a pretty necklace.

In those days, I used to teach as a substitute teacher.

On a particular day, I had been called in to teach music.  To look nice, I wore this Berries and Leaves necklace.  

The classes went  well.  

Then I had some 5th graders and 6th graders come into my class.  At times, 5-6th graders can be really challenging.  Well, this was going to be the day.

As I was teaching, I had one particular student that would try to disrupt the class with  her loud, attention getting & improper humor.  She was trying to get the classroom riled up!

I used my usual way to get her to settle down.  I noticed as the class continued, I felt extremely angry, unconscious, and extremely negative!  I had never felt that way before in front of a student or a class.

I realized it had something to do with wearing my new necklace.  So I promptly took off my necklace and put it away.

Within seconds I started feeling better, more positive.  

What happened?

Clear Quartz crystals are amplifiers of energy.  Clear Quartz crystals have been used, throughout history in lasers, radios, and other electronics.

Clear Quartz crystal will amplify your own energy while you wear it.  Sounds great?

Here is the catch.  The catch is, we all are not 100% positive.  At times we are more positive than negative and vice-a-versa.

So when I was wearing my Clear Quartz necklace and having a good day, I was amplifying my positive attitude to my classes and vice-a -versa. (the classes were sending me & the necklace positive energy.)  

When negative energy was introduced into the classroom by the student, I absorbed the negative energy and the Clear Quartz necklace absorbed it also.  The necklace amplified the negative energy in me & the necklace.  Thus, I felt like I wanted to be the " negative teacher from a Halloween T. V. show!" Have you ever watched a movie that the teacher was a "wicked witch?" 

Not me.

Because I'm sensitive to energy, I felt the extreme change in my own energy.  People who are not energy sensitive may not have felt the difference.

Now here is my thought.

I feel  Clear Quartz is not meant to be worn!  

Clear Quartz crystals (known as Master Healers)  can help in healing, but only in an environment that consists only of the practitioner and the client in a small room that is filled with positive energy. 

Clear Quartz crystals amplifies whatever energy  it is by, no questions asked.  Clear Quartz crystals are a open slate board.  Anything goes!

So, I end this in warning people about wearing Clear Quartz crystals.  I feel they should not ever be used as jewelry or kept on a person or in a person's pocket.

Use Clear Quartz crystals as a healing stone in a designated, cleared environment only.  Always clear and clean these crystals right before using them.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken Reiki Master of Reiki in the Prairie LLC & Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry


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