Metal Awareness in Jewelry


Unfortunately, many inexpensive pieces of jewelry contain levels of Toxic, Heavy metals.  Heavy metals known as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Arsenic, Chromium, and etc.

Toxic, Heavy metals are dense metals that at low concentrations are poisonous to our bodies.  They tend to attack our nervous systems, but not limited to this system.

Removing Heavy metals from the body is pretty hard to do.  The Heavy metals are stored in our bodies, such as in our fat.

Before I first started making jewelry, I would buy it from jewelry stores and Department stores.

I noticed that a lot of the jewelry pieces would not identify what kind of metal the jewelry was made from.  This I did not like.  I knew about Heavy metals from all my Chemistry background I have with my college degree.

Are Heavy metals able to absorb in to our skin?  I can't answer that, but I do know our skin is the largest organ of our body.  If the Heavy metal is not able to absorb in to our skin, it is likely we will still be contaminated due to handling the piece of jewelry.  The Heavy metal is on our hands.  We rub our eyes, we do not always wash our hands, and we eat at times without washing our hands.  Many ways we take in a Heavy metal.  Now, think of our children!  

As adults, we have the responsibility to take care of our children.  I know when I was growing up, we had Birthday parties where our friends would give us cute pieces of jewelry.  Problem is, this is "fashion jewelry" which is known at times to contain Heavy metals.

And so, we contaminate our children with a poisonous substance all for the sake of "cheap jewelry."

I started making my own jewelry for the simple knowledge of "what is my jewelry made from."

I then started realizing by adding beautiful, real stones to the jewelry I make, they added harmonious, positive energy.  Harmonious positive energy jewelry gives support and positive energy to the person who wears it.  All natural stones will have this affect.  It is said that various stones have healing abilities.  I believe this is true due to my ability to feel the stone's energy.

And so, I created Ancient Wisdom Jewelry.

Ancient Wisdom Jewelry was changed to Ancient Wisdom Jewelry by Cynthia due to other people having the same name.

Soon later, I decided I wanted my jewelry named after me.  And so I renamed it Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry.

Next time you would like to buy jewelry pieces for your children, others' children, yourself, or others as a gift, consider what you're spending money on.  Yes, the pieces maybe cheap, but are they toxic?

Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry creates all handmade jewelry pieces with precious metals. (solid Sterling silver, Fine silver, 14 kt Gold, 14 kt Gold-filled.)  Precious metals are also Heavy metals, but they are harmless. 

Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry also uses all authentic stones-gemstones, semi-precious stones, stones, and Cultured pearls.  For the best energetic support, stones that are close to natural are used.  Some stones more than others.  Stones that are fake and filled with resins are not typically used.  If used, it is stated.

I hope this article brought some light to toxic jewelry.  Next time you want to buy jewelry for yourself or others, find out what the metal is. 

by Cynthia Bergsbaken, 9-12-2020 

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April 11, 2020
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