Fat that are too Toxic to Feed to Any Living Creature



This chart is to help you understand where you can find artificial Trans-fats or also known as Hydrogenated fats.  These fats were introduced in 1911 as the "all-vegetable" oil shortening.  Trans fats were suppose to be a lot healthier then "lard" which was commonly used.  Lard is an animal fat that is hard at room temperature.  The "all-vegetable oil" was popular due to the texture it gave baked goods and the "good for you" belief.  Artificial Trans-fats are formed by adding hydrogen to the liquid fats under extreme heat and pressure.  Thus, a semi-hard form of the fat was made.  To make a product with more flavor and possibly, less money, the food industry introduced tropical oil trans fats.  In the 1980's, anti-tropical oils and anti-saturated fat campaigns were launched.  Heart disease and hardening of the arteries were blamed on the "tropical oils' industry.  In this scientific study, tropical oils were tested, but only the hydrogenated ones were used. 

 By the 1900's, new scientific studies came out with the real truth.  All trans fats/hydrogenated fats, no matter what kind of oil was used, is toxic to all living creatures.  When trans-fats are consumed, the body goes into a inflammatory response that lasts up to 51 days.  (This is known as the half life of the fat.)  And so, after eating that one cookie that was created with hydrogenated fats, our body will suffer at a cellular level with inflammation.  When your body is in a inflammatory response, your body will automatically create cholesterol.  This cholesterol acts like the fire engine truck going to put out a fire (inflammation).  Now, imagine if you decide toe at trans-fats everyday.  Each day tacks on another 51 days of inflammation in your body.  And so, basically, you have chronic inflammation in your body.  This kind of inflammation will eventually cause diabetes, heart disease, and coronary disease, just to name a few.

So what can you do?  Read your food labels only under the ingredients list.  If you read the label where it states % of protein and fats, it can say 0% trans-fats and still have trans-fats in the food.

How?  The USDA has given a guide line to how much trans-fats a food can have without stating it has any in it!  Sounds a little deceiving doesn't it?  So read your ingredients list on the food.
 If the food, such as baked goods does not state the ingredients, then don't buy it.  Chances are, they are using trans-fats and not wanting to let you know.

From my own inquires I have found out all frozen pizzas except the Kraft pizza has trans-fats in them.  There still is a lot of grocery store baked goods with trans-fats, including the donuts and rolls.  Bread rolls and pizza rusts in the refrigerator area has trans-fats.  Gravy mixes, cakes, cookie mixes, and restaurants use trans-fats.  So beware!  Ask or look up the food item from restaurants on the internet.  If the restaurant does not know or will not state their ingredients on the internet, don't buy the product.

Your physical body is the only physical body you will have in this life time.  If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you with being healthy.


Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken 5-10-2016 for Reiki in the Prairie LLC
Re-written by Cynthia Bergsbaken 12-30-2019 for Reiki in the Prairie LLC, https;//www.reikiintheprairiellc.com




*"Dr Bob's Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones" by Dr. Robert DeMaria

*Cynthia Bergsbaken-just observing, reading, and looking.

*American Heart Association

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