Toxic! A Satire on Artificial Fragrances and Society.

 Toxic is about artificial fragrances.  These fragrances are so strong and long lasting.  Artificial fragrances also contain substances that mimic Estrogen.  Thus, being around a lot of artificial fragrances can push you to be "Estrogen dominant!"  Never a good thing.  

There has been many times I've bought plastic wraps, cereal, and other items from a grocery store, only to get home and find out they smell and taste like these artificial fragrances.  Yuk!!!

I know the grocery stores try to be strict about where the perfumed smelling items are placed-well away from food items and plastic wraps.  But they many products are still being contaminated with the artificial fragrances.  

I feel there is no reason to have to have any item so full of fragrance for people to enjoy it.

A person who repeatedly smokes will not be able to taste or smell much.  But when a smoker quits, they find out they can smell so many things in the air around them.  Their taste can pick up so much more.  Due to the smoking, they were not aware of all these senses they were "dulling" down.  

I feel these artificial fragrances are the same as smoking.

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April 11, 2020
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