What goes in to Making an Entirely Handmade Necklace.

 An entirely handmade necklace takes a lot of time!

I really enjoy designing and creating precious metal and stone jewelry.

The first step in making an entirely handmade necklace is to have some inspiration.  What do you want to make?  I get inspired by historical pieces, by other jewelry makers, by nature, and just out of the blue something comes to me.

I write down my thoughts on the metal I want to use, the gauge of metal to use, what  stones/pearls/crystals, the length, the link type, the pendant, and the clasp type. 

 I'll draw my informal pictures showing me what and how I want to build this necklace to look like what I envisioned.  

Next step is measuring out the lengths of Sterling silver to form my links.  Here I've made "S" links
and wire-wrapped Pink Rice pearl links.

Well, here I show you I've finished making all the links and I've put them together to form a chain.
This chain has a double "S" link that may resemble a bit like some Irish chains.

This photo is a close-up of the chain.  The next step for me was to create a clasp.  I like simple, but nice clasps that are easy to manipulate.  I don't agree with the puny  clasps that most nice necklaces or inexpensive ones from the stores have.  They break easy and they are hard to maneuver.

Next, I decided the pendant was not hanging down enough, so I created this little extra piece that holds the pendant.  It allows the pendant to flow down where I would like to see it.

The pendant was the next step.  I was dedicating this necklace to the Holy Angels.  They do so much with out any "thank you" from us on Earth.
I wanted the pendant to resemble an Angel wing.  And so I used solid Sterling silver and hand molded it into a wing.
Next, I decided to use Angel Aura Quartz crystal in the center of it.  This quartz is so beautiful in it's gentle iridescence. 
I did not want to make the wind look weighed down and so I used solid Sterling silver thread to basically weave this crystal in.

The Finished product!

Like I said, I made this necklace, dedicated to the Holy Angels.  I wanted it to look feminine, beautiful, and gentle.
This whole necklace is solid Sterling silver.  The pearls are pink, rice shaped Cultured pearls.  The crystal is a Angel Aura Quartz.

I created this maybe in 2015.  I sold it right after I created it.
A necklace that is feminine, beautiful, unique, and it doesn't overwhelm the person who wears it. (Not too big where it takes center stage.)  I feel jewelry is there to empower and to place the main focus on the beautiful person who is wearing it.  The jewelry is meant to emphasis the beauty of the woman.  Jewelry should never be the center stage on a person.  
This entirely handmade necklace is "art."

Many handmade jewelry makers are also producing art.  I suggest you take advantage of this and purchase your jewelry from one of these artisans.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken of 
Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry. 
Originally photographed in 7-26-2015.
Re-written for 10-26-2020.

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April 11, 2020
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-Cynthia Bergsbaken
Reiki in the Prairie LLC, April 11, 2020


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