Amethyst! A beautiful quartz stone ranging from light purple to dark purple. This stone has been popular for thousands of years! Being used by Neolithic people of Europe in 25,000 BC.

I myself really love Amethyst. I enjoy the rich purple color and the energy of the stone.

Amethyst quartz stone energy affects the 6th, 7th and above chakras. (chakras are energetic wheels positioned on our bodies to read energy that surrounds us and our own energy (emotions)). This means this stone stimulates your mind and intuition.

Amethyst can help protect your energy while among a group of people. It helps to stop you from taking on others' negative energy.   

Amethyst can help you release and heal addictions.  

Amethyst is also great for your own emotional healing. Understanding why you feel powerless/victim in certain situations, it helps you to heal this before it turns in to a blockage=disease.

(Source: "The Book of Stones" by Robert Simmons).Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry is a hobby business that provides handmade jewelry that is worn for the beauty of it and for the healing energies of one of nature's medicines-crystals/ stones. Like flower essential oils and plants which are used to heal physically, emotionally & energetically (the scent of oranges can help one feel more joy when feeling down or Peppermint oil being used to clear out a gut chakra which also clears a stomach ache due to taking in negative energy), stones are used energetically to feel positive-good.

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken

Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry

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