Getting Photos Ready to Be Artwork.

I recently had these four photos professionally imaged and framed.  One of these is for sale.
I love how they turned out.  The matting with the frames brings the photo to life!

It's quite the process to do this, especially if you do it for an art contest.

First of all, it takes time-days/months/years to find a neat shot in nature.  Most of my shots are nice, but not real cool to me. (Doesn't move me emotionally.)

Next step takes a lot more time.  I will go through all my photos that I have stored up on my photo SDXC card.  My cards hold about 1000 photos each.
When I have finally narrowed it down to the photo/photos I want, I need to edit them in a photo designing app.

 I like to use 
 They are exactly what I need.  I edit my photos very little.  Canva allows me to do this for free.

After editing it for color, lighting, and focus, I will change it into a format that I need.   I will place it typically in a PNG format. (High quality for photos.)

Next, I find a professional imaging company and send them my photos via the internet.
I choose what paper to use, size, and gloss.

When I get the photos back, I will then take them and have them professionally framed.

If it's for a show, I will have to have the glass removed and replaced with Plexiglass/
Acrylic while framing it.

If it's for home use, the glass remains.

Having the photo professionally framed takes time also.  It's taking a photo and placing it by various mat colors and various frame sizes, shapes, and colors.
If you don't get the right frame or mat color, the photo disappears.
I chose black because it brought my photos in to the room as real living flowers/bugs.  When I had placed these photos next to a white/off-white matting, the photos blended in with the frame, which caused the pictures to not "pop!"

Choosing a thicker frame also adds beauty and quality to the finished product.

After all of this, which probably took me about a month or more ( not including taking the photo in the first place) to do for these four photos, I have a beautiful finished product.

Many professional photographers will do their photos differently.  And that's fine.
I am a hobbyist and I enjoy bringing nature's beauty to your sight. 
Art is subjective!  We all have different likes and dislikes.  My like is to see small critters and flowers brought to life.  It's the small things in life that many of us miss.  When we miss the small things, we have missed quite a bit of the beauty in life.  -Cynthia

The Bug/Flower collection.

A Gem within a Gem

Brown Eyes


Crystal Dragonfly

Dewy Bath

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