Why Should I buy Handcrafted Jewelry?


Why should I buy handcrafted (handmade) Jewelry?



(From an artisan’s point of view.)

-unique/one of a kind.  

Every piece of jewelry made by me is unique. All my large art pieces are one of a kind. I will not make another one like it. But if I did, the similar handmade copy would still be a unique and one of kind piece due to it not being exact.

-assisting (supporting) an artisan.

When you purchase from an artist-handmade jewelry maker, you will be supporting that artisan. You would be helping to bring this artists work in front of the public to be acknowledged and appreciated. Thus, giving this artist recognition and support.

-colorful jewelry.  

Handmade jewelry, in my opinion, is more colorful, warm, and full of soul. Each piece of jewelry contains some of the artist’s energy. This energy is what brings the piece to life! Let the piece of jewelry speak to you and all who see it.

-piece of art.  

Handmade jewelry, especially the handmade jewelry that is made from piece by piece, is an art form. Each part of the jewelry takes time, energy, and intuition to bring it to a full, complete piece of beautiful jewelry.

-Get more for your money.

When you start calculating all the time, energy, material cost, more gemstone/stone, healthier stones due to the least amount of cutting/dying/bleaching/resin additives, and how unique the piece of jewelry is, you’ll understand that handmade jewelry is by far more inexpensive than store made jewelry. The quality, uniqueness, and the “soul” that you get from handmade jewelry makers is priceless.

-using precious metals with natural/or close to natural stones, creates healthy jewelry.  

Stones throughout the ages have been used for health and protection purposes. Protection from taking on other peoples’ negative energy. Help to clear out any stale energy (chi) that causes blockages in your bodies energetic system. Thus, creating a healthy body, mind, and spirit.


The more natural the stone is to its natural state, the healthier the stone’s energetic vibration. The healthier the stone’s energy is, the higher the positive energy it will give to the wearer.

-much time goes in to making a piece of jewelry.

When I create a piece of jewelry from a spool of precious metal wire, it may take me up to 1-2 weeks to finish it, if I work on it steadily for at least 3-4 hrs. a night. First, I make a drawing of the piece I would like to make on paper. Then I attempt to make this by using inexpensive wire, such as copper. This helps me to understand what measurements I’m looking for. When I feel I can reproduce my design, I will start with my precious metal wire. To form a link of a necklace or bracelet, I’ll form the wire, file it, hammer it, reform it and fit the link to other links I’ve made. If the link does not match up, it is discarded and a new link is started, using the same process. As each link is made, they are placed together which forms the beginning of a strand of the necklace or bracelet.

-When you buy handmade, you get to know the artist and exactly what went in to making the piece of jewelry.  

Each artist in jewelry making has her/his own way of making jewelry. We all have our own style, colors, design, and way of forming jewelry. As you choose jewelry that really appeals to you, you’ll be able to start to see the jewelry maker’s personality through their jewelry pieces they produce. You will start to understand the handmade jewelry artist. A jewelry maker puts his/her heart and soul in to each piece we produce. If you don’t understand what the piece of jewelry is made of, the jewelry maker will let you know exactly what they used to make your piece of jewelry.

I hope this helps to show you why purchasing handmade, handcrafted, artisan jewelry is a great way to purchase your jewelry. I know, for one, I have 99% changed over to wearing handmade jewelry. I enjoy all aspects of handmade jewelry I related to you above.

Note, I wrote this with my own jewelry making in mind. Not all handmade jewelry is equal.

Go out and find that jewelry piece that appeals to you, that calls out to you and if needed, ask questions about it. Find the joy in buying pieces of jewelry that are full of soul and heart. Find your piece of art and wear it.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken

Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry


January 12, 2019

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