How to make a Pet Couch


Pet Couch 

Have you ever wanted a Pet Couch for your pet but found out the price of them and sadly told your pet, "No way!"

I know I have.  But one day I was shopping Walmart and saw they sold a foam pad that would work to make a Pet Couch.

Walmart 3" x 24" x 36" foam. (firm foam)  I found this where they have sewing and pillow fillers.

This pet couch was big enough to fit a medium-large Labrador Retriever.

Here is the link to see what I'm talking about.

When you make this couch, you need to measure and cut the foam.  Cutting the foam was a little bit hard.  But by using a sharp razor and patience, I was successful.

Here is how I made this.

I bought two of these foam pads. One foam pad I laid down on the floor untouched.

The second one I measured and marked with a black marker.

The pad is 36" long.  I wanted two strips that were 36" long.  I made these strips 4" wide.  I cut two of these.  After cutting I have 2 strips that measure 36" long by 4" wide.

These two strips you just cut will be the back side of the couch.

Now I'm ready to cut the arms of the couch.  I measured 16" x 4" wide.  I cut two of these.

Now to piece it all together.

I used "Original Tacky Glue" to glue together.  

1).  As you see in the photo above, I took the two 36" x 4" strips and glued them together.  Let them dry before moving on to next step.

2).  Next, glue this 36" x 4" stack  together, like above on to one of the 36" long sides.

3).  Next, glue down the arms on each side.  It will look like above.

4).  Let thoroughly dry before using the couch.

5). To cover the couch, I just lay an inexpensive fleece throw ($2.50 at Walmart) over the cushion.  I tuck the ends under the couch.

If you'd like, add an extra layer of sheeting or something over the couch.  Then place the fleece throw over that.  Extra protection against: pet accidents, foam breaking into dust, etc.

You're done!!!

Not too hard.  Just a little time. 

Now your pet can have their own  awesome couch to sack out on instead of bothering you on your couch.

Need to wash the pet's couch throw?  Just pull it off and throw in washer.

If you make this, share a photo of your pet couch so I can put it up.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken, Feb. 24, 2021

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