Does anyone out there in the world still mop floors on their hands and knees???

I will when I can't get under tight areas with a mop.

I used to mop on my hands and knees on vinyl floors.  I'd have to stop every couple of minutes due to my knees hurting on the hard floor.

I soon realized, either I stop mopping on my hands and knees and accept some dirty areas on the floor or I needed to find a way to do it in comfort. 

Now that I have a harder tile floor,  I needed a healthier way to mop on hands and knees.

Wa-la!  I went out and bought a pair of Volleyball knee pads.  

I slide these on and I'll tell you.  Talk about comfort while kneeling on the hard floors!  It's like I'm wearing a soft bed mattress on each knee.  :)

No more discomfort.  When I clean the tight areas, I've noticed that using a 3M non-scratch plastic pad works great. (I use the green ones.  But the blue ones would work also.)  I've saved all my old non-scratch pads (you know the holey ones), placed them together and fold them in half.  Works great compared to bulky floor brushes that are too big and too tall.

I have used a old tooth brush also for really close-up cleaning by wood cabinet crevices.

I hope this can give you some ideas.

Nothing wrong with being comfortable and healthy while cleaning. ;)

By Cynthia Bergsbaken

March 25, 2021

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April 11, 2020
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