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 In the past, I've made a face oil for myself and a friend who had ongoing Acne off and on.

The acne prone skin would break out in clogged pores on the forehead.  Thus, skin eruptions would occur.  I made a Natural Coconut oil and Lavender oil face lotion for this young adult.  Since this adult has been using this face oil, I was told that the clogged pores have  stopped, while using this face oil.  This person said it took about 2-3 months to see all the benefits of this face oil.

Using a Water-based face lotion was not helpful in moisturizing in the winters.  If skin is not properly moisturized, the skin (including your scalp) will produce excessive body oils.  Thus, the excess oil will try to moisturize the skin.  Problem is the excess oil combines with dust/dirt/pollutants in air causing clogged pores.  Besides that, the person's skin would be oily all the time. (hair too.) 

 But the Natural Coconut oil along with Lavender essential oils has been highly beneficial in moisturizing, stopping clogged pores, stopping break-outs, and calming the skin.

Natural Coconut oil's medium-chain fatty acids has an Anti-microbial affect. Natural Coconut oil also is calming and soothing irritated skin.

The Lavender essential oil also has a calming effect to both the skin and nervous system, moisturizing, and has anti-microbial affects.

I see no reason why this wouldn't work for any age, including teens, to keep skin clear and moisturized.

To make this, I added 10 drops of Organic Lavender to 1 oz. of Whipped Organic Coconut oil. To whip the Coconut oil, I just took my whipper and beat it until it was smooth in texture.  If you would like more essential oil added, Lavender is said to be one of the safe essential oils to use straight-up.  If anything, be careful not to add too much due to it maybe overwhelming to your senses. 

High quality Lavender essential oil- I used Viva Naturals Organic Lavender essential oil.  DO NOT use lavender oil.  It needs to be essential oils and not "oil."  Lavender oil is not pure essential oil.  In fact it may be a synthetic Lavender oil. That means the anti-microbial properties would not be there.

 Use high quality, natural Coconut oil such as Nutiva, organic Virgin Coconut oil.  Some Coconut oils are not organic, some are low quality, and some are Trans-fat (hydrogenated) coconut oils.  

Remember, whatever you put on your skin, is absorbed in to your body.  If your product is full of low quality ingredients, don't expect it to give you much as far as beneficial results.

With more mature skin, I enjoy using Olive oil.  Olive oil is said to be good for all skin types and ages.

Because it is a natural oil, it is said it will not clog pores.  I know I haven't had any problems.  The young adult who I talked about above had used Olive oil.  The Olive oil for that person was too heavy and oily for  them personally.  

Olive oil is anti-inflammatory, repairing skin, rich in antioxidants to combat aging skin, rich in vitamins, and stops moisture loss with a oil barrier and  hydrating  the skin. 

Olive oil has been used since ancient times.  I have used my Olive oil also to remove make-up on my eyes and face.

Try using Olive oil mixed with raw honey as a face mask.  Highly moisturizing. (can add a egg yolk to help it dry up on your face and give you more moisturizing.)

To make my Olive oil face oil, I will add in essential oils.  

For aging skin, I like Lavender, Rose, and Rose Geranium.  If I want to perk up my energy, I will use Peppermint essential oil in my Olive oil face oil.

Again, high quality is key here!  Organic essential oils is best, but not exclusive.

There are many places that produce essential oils. But some of them are not as quality as you're told.

I like to order my essential oils through

I have feel they have nice products.  If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please read warnings in regards to any essential oils you would like to use.  

Buy whatever Olive oil you like to eat!  I buy the Olive oil for my baking/cooking and I will take some of it for my face oil and eye make-up remover as well.  Organic is best, but not exclusive.

I take 3.5  oz. of Olive oil and add 35 drops of essential oils.  Mix them up!  Try adding Rose with Neroli essential oils.  Beautiful scent!

Have fun with it.  Save money.  Feel good.  And look great!

Written by Cynthia Bergsbaken, April 14, 2021

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