Natural vs Manmade

I've noticed some people like to make sure they eat healthy by watching their food labels.  And that's great!
But how come many people do not look at what their cosmetics contain?

In the past 10 years or so, I've stopped using all department store/beauty store makeup.  Why?  Check out their ingredients.  If you want to know more about the chemicals and ingredients, go to

This site tells you what each ingredient is known to do and what you didn't know what it can do!!!

One good rule, if you won't eat it (healthily), don't use it on your skin/eyes/hair!!!  Our skin is our biggest organ.  It absorbs all what you put on it.  

This brings me to using Olive Oil as a eye make-up remover.
I stopped using my store bought eye make-up remover due to all the chemicals in it.  
There is no way I will use those chemicals on/in my eyes, let alone eat it.
(remember- if I can't eat it healthily, it's not going on me.)

A quick story here.  My friend used to use eye make-up remover and make-up from the department stores/beauty stores.  She developed clogged glands at the base of her eye lashes=crusty & bacteria at base of eye lashes (unsightly) and dry patchy breakouts on her face.  All due to cosmetics and cleaners from department stores.  And, these brands she had been using were top of the line brands for top dollar!

She stopped using all the cosmetics that she bought from the stores.  She started to use non-Hydrogenated Coconut oil as a moisturizer-to heal any broken out skin, and Olive oil to remove eye make-up.  And she started to look at the make-up ingredients she had been buying.  She turned to buying natural make-up from:
100% Pure Cosmetics and Juice Beauty
.  Her results?  She is healing, slowly.  She had one more breakout with her eye lashes due to using the department store/beauty store eye make-up remover.  (Note, the eye doctor suggested some over the counter eye cleansing pads for her lids.  Again, a lot of ingredients that are not good for us.)

All natural oils (this does not include refined oils) will not clog your pores. (I question the use of hydrogenated oils in cosmetics.  They are toxic to eat, said the FDA.  So why would we want to use them on us?  Because they are manmade, I wonder if they are causing blocked eye lash glands also?)

 This is what I had learned years ago.  When I was young, I remember going on my first trip to a tropical island.  I was given a SPF2 oil to use to stop myself from burning.  Within hours of being in the sun, my skin was a huge mess of itchy rash that lasted more then a day.  The oil used in it was not natural.

Getting back to Olive oil, I tried using Olive oil as a eye make-up remover. 

 I placed some good quality Olive oil on a damp wash cloth.
I gently rubbed my eyelashes with the wash cloth.  This combo worked great!  The Olive oil took the eye make-up off better then the store bought eye make-up remover, plus I was not placing chemicals in my eyes.  I was placing an edible oil on my eye lashes and eye lids that moisturized & conditioned my eye lashes and skin.

  I suggest you don't over do it with too much oil.  And if you wear contact lenses, don't try to wear your contacts right after using the Olive oil.  You'd need to wait a bit, until the oil has dispersed more.

P.s. Try using the Olive oil on a cotton ball to clean and moisturize your face at the same time.  

By Cynthia Bergsbaken 6-7-2021

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