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It's summer time, which means barbeques, picnics, camping, family fun, and music festivals!

I just finished an order I did for a young lady that is putting together a themed outfit for a music festival.

This year, 2021, Sterling silver and multiple rings on each hand and other jewelry pieces are the rage!

The Sterling silver jewelry brings "Bling" to the person's outfit.  The bling that many are looking for to stand out in the crowd of thousands of people.

Sterling silver is also a quality and healthy metal to use compared to fashion jewelry.  Many fashion jewelry pieces are made with synthetic metals and/or Heavy metals that are toxic to our bodies.

Sterling silver is not as expensive as Gold to wear among thousands of people.

  A bit more expensive then fashion jewelry, but we're worth the little extra cost.

Here are some photos of this young lady and her new rings.

Have a great time this year at the music festivals.  

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April 11, 2020
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