Christmas Tree Gift


Are you looking for a quick, inexpensive gift, but can also use it as a house decoration as well?

While I was looking around in Klein's Crafts, Hobbies, and Gift store, I noticed these cute 6" clear glass trees.  I right away thought they would be cute holding a brightly colored or white candy.  I noticed the price was $1.19 each.  And so, I bought three of them.

I searched the local Walmart store's shelves for any candy that was tasty and either colorful or white.

I ended up buying these Christmas M & Ms.  I Filled each tree jar and I placed them on my table to decorate the whole room.

When Christmas rolls around, I will give these candy filled trees to visiting guests.

My trees look fun, festive and best of all, they work as a decoration and gift.  

The price per tree was roughly around $5.90/each.

Note, these trees would look stunning with clear, white mini lights inside of them as well.

Have fun with these trees.

Merry Christmas.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken

December 13, 2021

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April 11, 2020

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