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Snow geese flying.  I prefer to have flying geese look like they are flying.  Which means I will use a softer focus then many.

Have you ever been told that your technique, your understanding, and/or your perceptions are all wrong?

I can relate to this a lot with my photography and other areas of art.

 Sure, it's always good to take a class on how to ....  We learn the basics to get us started in our art.

Learning how to layer paint layers, how to draw a proportional hand to the body, or just figuring out about lighting and photography through a class may be beneficial.

But who says, a person needs to "follow the book" when it comes to our art?  Our techniques? Our perceptions?

Photography is an art form that if you page through many photographers' Instagram pages, you'll find many ways to present a photo.  You'll see some nature photography with lots of color while others have little color.  You'll see some nature photos with lots of added editing while others have little editing.  You'll see some nature photography with all nature while others may allow some manmade items in the photo.  And others will always have their photos in a hard focus, while others bring a more natural focus to the photo.  

Snow geese in a soft focus.  Notice the wing feathers are a little bit blurry.

Snow geese in a hard focus.  Notice how the wing feathers really stand out.  But the effect tends to make the geese look like they are standing still in the air!

And the list goes on and on.

I used to think every photo I took had to be in perfect focus.  If not, I needed to edit the photo to have it in a solid in focus.  Otherwise, I'd look like a beginner.  (In which I am ;))  

After listening to a wise person on how he uses soft focusing and other focuses to convey emotion and the story, I realized he was right!  At this point, I threw out the belief of hard focusing everything.  (Note, this wise person is a photographer for National Geographic.)

Photography is art.  Art is felt through our own beings’ emotions.

Art is emotional!  Art is a way to express ourselves.  Everyone will have different-looking art due to everyone is a unique, individual that has had their own life's experiences.

There is no right or wrong way to create art.  Remember this when you hear a bunch of negativities coming your way regarding your art.  

Art is our way of telling the world who we are.  If we all followed the "book" perfectly, what a boring world of art we'd have!

Let art come from your soul.  Let art come from your heart.

To do this, no title, certificate, or educational level is needed.  What is needed is your self being yourself.

Be yourself!  Produce your art the way you want to and not how someone else wants you to.  

Not everyone will like your art, but at least your art will be who you are and not a stranger.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken

Nature photographer/artist.  

Cynthia Bergsbaken is not a professional photographer.  But she enjoys placing her own style on her nature photography.

January 23, 2022

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April 11, 2020

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