Cream of Wild Rice Soup Meal


With fall (autumn) around the corner, we start to think of warm, comforting foods.

The older I get, I have realized that eating a homemade soup along with a cut up cheese, bread and veggies is just the perfect meal at dinner time.

This meal suggestion combines  several cultures.

What's on the menu for tonight?

  • Midwestern (USA) Cream of Wild soup
  • Italian White wine
  • French Baguette
  • Greek Olive oil
  • Spanish Manchego cheese
  • And some fresh, sliced cucumbers and red peppers.
You can use any Cream of Wild Rice soup.
Here I used "Webster's West Cream of Wild Rice soup" from Wild Rice for all Seasons Cookbook by Beth Anderson.

This recipe for Cream of Wild Rice soup is a very good one. But I decided to add some additional ingredients into this soup that I enjoy.

I cannot write out the soup recipe, but I can say it has:
  1. Cooked Wild Rice
  2. Sauteed: onion, celery, green pepper (1 whole green pepper/ My addition), and mushrooms (8 oz of mushrooms, sliced/ My addition).
  3. Olive oil/ (My addition) and a bit of butter
  4. White flour for thickening.
  5. Chicken broth (non-salted.)
  6. Salt and pepper.
  7. 1 cup of Condensed milk. (My addition).
  8. 2 T. of  dry White wine.
  9. Approximately 1/2 pound of chopped up cooked ham.(Browned) (My addition).
  10. Approximately 1/2 cup of cut in half almonds. (Browned) (My addition).
Wild Rice is grown in Minnesota, either by culturing it in ponds or gathering wild grown rice in the side waters of northern rivers.
The Ojibwe (Chippewa) Indians (In Northern Minnesota, USA)  have held wild Rice sacred due to it being part of their creation story and a food that has stopped starvation during harsh winters.

There are different grades of Wild Rice one needs to know about.
  • Low quality Wild Rice will be broken up and full of dust.
  • Dark grained Wild Rice (Almost black) is extra hard, so it takes along time to boil. (Roughly 50 minutes.) At times this rice can have a more wild flavor to it. This rice is grown in ponds specifically for the cultivation of Wild Rice.
  • Light Cultivated Wild Rice has no wild flavor and cooks up roughly in 20 minutes.
  • Wild gathered Wild Rice is similar to the Light Cultivated Wild Rice. But this rice is gathered by hand with canoes in fresh waters connected to the rivers.
All Wild Rice needs to be rinsed off due to having dust covering it.

***My favorite company to buy Wild Rice from is called, "Moose Lake Wild Rice Co.
35653 Johnson Road, Deer River, MN 56636

Wild Rice is made up of: (a)
14% protein
.7% fat
1.0% fiber
75.3% carbohydrate

Enjoy your flavorful, autumn meal.
By Cynthia Bergsbaken

***I am not affiliated with any of the companies listed in this story or on the photo.


a). Wild Rice for all Seasons Cookbook by Beth Anderson

b). Great Lakes Now

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April 11, 2020

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