My Thoughts on Jewelry

Denim/ Sodalite and Sterling silver earrings.


I have to admit, I've never had a huge interest in "bling."

I do enjoy a couple of small items that brings my outfit together.  A necklace and matching earrings that brings my solid blue outfit "alive" with red coral or rich, wine colored Garnets.

I enjoy practical jewelry, but not boring jewelry.

I like "looks" combined with the ability to wear the item in a comfortable manner.

I enjoy jewelry that makes "Me" the statement and not the piece of jewelry making the statement.

Why would I want my piece of jewelry to be the focus?  I want myself to be the focus when I'm dressed to the hilt or going out to a Fourth of July parade.

I expect my jewelry to be comfortable.  If it isn't, what is the sense in buying it?  I wouldn't be able to wear it anyway, unless I placed big bandages across the back of my neck, wrist, or earlobes.

I don't think so!

I use  real stones/gemstones because I am energy sensitive.  I can feel the energy of each stone.

Like everything else in this world, stones are made of energy.  Real stones/gemstones emits off positive energy.  Each stone color is related to what "Chakra" it will help unblock energy blockages. (Chakras are energy zones that are all over the body in our energy.  There are seven main ones aligned up and down our front and back sides of our bodies.  These energy zones help us to "read" everything around us.  Emotions, atmosphere energy, our experiences, etc.)

If we keep our Chakras clear and running smooth, we can help stop any physical ailment from starting up!

For example, Rose quartz is a strong healing stone.  It has strong, positive vibrations that is said to heal the Heart Chakra. (Chakra maintains all organs in region of the heart- which includes lungs, heart, etc.).  The Heart chakra is in the middle of your chest.  

If the Heart chakra is clogged (this happens from our own negative emotions that we push down inside of us each day.)  by "hate" and remains clogged, you will most likely have some physical ailment start up in this area, such as Heart disease, Pneumonia, Lung cancer, Heart attack, etc.

Our health issues appear in our energy first before manifesting in our physical bodies.

And so, to use any other bead other than real, authentic stones would not be wise to me.

Why not harness nature's healing powers with real, authentic stones.

I try to use as natural of stones as I can obtain.  The more natural the stone is, the more effect it will have on you clearing (healing) yourself.  If the stone has been cut and or treated, the stone is less effective.  In fact, the expensive gemstones you buy in the jewelry stores are ineffective to help you heal.  They have been so manipulated-cut, radiated, colorings, cements, etc. that the stone is injured.

A injured stone will not be the best "healer" for a person.  Some of the pieces I have made do have some cuts, radiated, and coloring added.  But for the most part, I try to stick to rougher stones.  The more natural, the better for healing.

I will use precious metals because I want the security of "healthy metal".  

If I was to use fashion jewelry metal, I run the chance of receiving a metal that contains a lot of toxic heavy metals such as lead in it.  

I want my jewelry to be as healthy as possible.  This is why I call my jewelry healthy jewelry.  Precious metals combined with fairly natural, real stones.

You are the only one of yourself on Earth.  Don't you think it's time you treat yourself with nurturing, kindness, and respect?  Do this by taking good care of yourself.  Healthy jewelry that makes you feel good.

By Cynthia Bergsbaken/ Cyn Bergsbaken Jewelry

June 28, 2019

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April 11, 2020
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